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Like A Moth To The Light

8 thoughts on “ Like A Moth To The Light

  1. The legend is that the moths in the home are supposed to indicate transformation (which I have already covered), temptation and foolishness in love. The Navajos legend is that people can develop what is known as moth madness (feeling dizzy, worries and anxious) which occurs when a moth is drawn to light and then dies.
  2. 2 days ago · To moths, streetlights might look like the Moon, which could mislead them. Some insects spiral toward lights as if they are trying to keep the “Moon” off to the same side.
  3. Like a Moth to the Flame is an Event Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Event Quests are special timed quests that are available for only one week, on a schedule. Certain festivals make all Event Quests available at once for the duration of the festival. Once more, I want to see that source of energy.
  4. Fig. attracted [to someone or some event] instinctively or very strongly, as a moth is drawn to the light of a flame. Customers were drawn to the sale like a moth to aflame. They came from all over and bought up everything in the store. See also: drawn, flame, like, moth.
  5. Manifest LIGHT 🕯 like the moth to a flame 😊.If your Soul is already predestined to "light up the world" I literally see a candle within your core body during your reading. AND .
  6. The actual quote is "you're like a moth to a flame.” Moths are drawn to any source of light, which could include those innocuous and harmless (flashlight, porch light, light bulb) as well as dangerous (bug zapper, bonfire). I don't believe it's an irresistible force for the moth but surely a natural urge to go to the light as it is desirable.
  7. Moths Use Light as a “Compass” We know that moths fly and direct themselves using a process known as transverse orientation. They kind of fixate on a light source, and make sure they fly at .

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