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  1. rolling rolling rolling Everybody rappers Ain't got no clout but they be Rolling rolling rolling Everybody actors And the camera's rolling rolling rolling. Rollin' B1A4. 네가 없는 하루는 매우 boring, oh boring 머릿속에는 온통 네 생각뿐 멀어지지 못해 가까워져 ooh woah 그래 그게 맞아 사랑은 pain.
  2. ROLLING was named best documentary at the Independent Film Project conference for works in progress, held in New York City. The film was also one of 14 .
  3. used to describe something that is done in stages over a long period: He prepared a five-year rolling plan for equipment maintenance. (Definition of rolling from the Cambridge Business English .
  4. Usage Note: The verb roil means literally "to make muddy or cloudy by stirring up sediment," and this meaning has given rise to a number of figurative uses. Roil can also mean "to be or cause to be agitated." Not surprisingly, the synonymous verb rile actually began its existence as a variant of roil.
  5. Apr 11,  · Foam rolling may offer benefits to people with sore muscles, or it can also be used to help you relax. It may even help to reduce pain associated with fibromyalgia. Read on to learn what science.
  6. Jul 04,  · Rolling definition: Rolling hills are small hills with gentle slopes that extend a long way into the distance | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  7. Rolling steel right the first time But the casting and rolling costs for Castrip are significantly less as you go thinner with the material. A disruptive approach to strip steel: sometimes the time is right for a change. And right now might be one of those times when it comes to producing sheet steel.
  8. Roll definition is - a written document that may be rolled up: scroll; specifically: a document containing an official or formal record. How to use roll in a sentence.
  9. rolling beachcomber - A long wave rolling in from the sea. sprag - A block placed behind a car wheel to keep it from rolling down a hill. keep the ball rolling - An allusion to rugby or bandy.

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