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Category: Power Metal

Crater Gag - Himitsu King / Yoope Tower - Greedy Homosapiens / Chaos Drunk Stupids (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “ Crater Gag - Himitsu King / Yoope Tower - Greedy Homosapiens / Chaos Drunk Stupids (Vinyl)

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  3. Neko caught in the Kagutsu Crater Incident. Many survivors found help in relief teams, including Neko, whose Strain abilities manifested after the crater occurred. Some even speculate that the Damocles Down triggered a sort of "catalyst" in the population of Strains. Similarly, Nagare Hisui's role as the Green King manifested, ultimately saving him from death, along with being nursed.
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  8. Himitsu King / Yoope Tower - Greedy Homosapiens / Chaos Drunk Stupids (7", EP) レーベル: Not On Label (Himitsu King Self-released), Not On Label (Himitsu King Self-released) カタログ #: PS, PS メディアの状態: メディア: Mint (M) スリーブの状態: スリーブ: Mint (M) NEW!%(36).
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